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Red Arrow Motorcoach proudly supports

the 2014 PPCLI  100th Anniversary

Red Arrow Motorcoach is proud to be the transportation sponsor for the PPCLI 100th Anniversary, transporting members of the PPCLI in Alberta during the event.

The PPCLI was raised in response to World War 1 in 1914, and will be 100 years old on 10 August 2014. To mark this unique occasion, the Regiment will celebrate “A Century of Service to Canada” from 6 August 2014 to 11 May 2015. This will incorporate the founding of the Regiment, two World Wars, Korea, peacekeeping/peace support operations, Afghanistan, and all other major activities that have contributed to the defence and security of Canada over the history of the PPCLI.

The Regiment’s aim is to celebrate with the nation the 100th Anniversary of the PPCLI. This implies an active sharing of the history and capabilities of the PPCLI by connecting with Canadians at every opportunity during our 100th Anniversary.

There will be three keystone events, connected by a Memorial Baton Relay.  The three events and Memorial Baton Relay dates are:

The Edmonton Commemoration 7-10 August 2014

The Ottawa Commemoration 18-21 September 2014

The Frezenberg Commemoration 7-11 May 2015

Memorial Baton Relay 10 August – 18 September 2014

The Edmonton Commemoration (EC) will take place in Edmonton 7-10 August 2014. This event will form the initial celebration of the Regiment’s history, and is the lead event in the triad of major 100th Anniversary activities.

The end of 100th anniversary celebration in Edmonton on 10 August also marked the start of a Memorial Baton Relay (MBR) for approximately 50 soldiers from 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI).

MBR soldiers will run through select cities and towns while carrying a Memorial Baton containing the names of 1,866 PPCLI members who have fallen in active service to Canada over the last century.  The MBR team will re-trace the symbolic route taken by the PPCLI Originals as they marshaled for service in 1914 on the eve of the First World War.  The relay is being run to Ottawa where it will arrive on September 18, 2014.  

Displays will be open to the public at scheduled stops along the route, showcasing military vehicles, weapons, equipment and uniforms worn by PPCLI soldiers from 1914 to modern day.  Capability displays will be supplemented by a mobile museum and outreach activities, including an obstacle course, magician, balloons and face painting.

Beyond the Edmonton commemoration this past weekend, PPCLI centennial celebrations will continue in Ottawa in September.  The PPCLI will exercise the Freedom of the City of Ottawa and participate in a joint sunset ceremony on Parliament Hill with the Royal 22e Régiment (R22eR) who also celebrates their centennial this year.  Both the PPCLI and R22eR will be recognized at the Canadian Army Run on Sunday, 21 September.

For specific information regarding the Memorial Baton Relay or any PPCLI centennial activities, please visit the 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group home page or


“Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry have always been ready and willing to answer the call of service, from coming together to form the Regiment at the start of the First World War to seeing the close out of operations in Afghanistan and deploying to Poland and Latvia for Op REASSURANCE.  Throughout a century of service these soldiers have played an intricate part in shaping Canadian history.” --- Lieutenant-General Marquis Hainse, Commander, Canadian Army

“The Memorial Baton Relay is a historic event to mark a century of Regimental service to Canada and honour 1,866 PPCLI soldiers who have fallen on active service.  Current soldiers of the Regiment are privileged to retrace the symbolic journey taken by the PPCLI Originals in 1914 on the eve of the First World War, celebrating our history and strengthening our relationships with the Canadian public whom we serve.”   --- Lieutenant-Colonel Bob Ritchie, Commanding Officer, 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry


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