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Passenger Tips and Etiquette

When you travel with Red Arrow you travel with friends, and that means getting along and helping each other have the best travel experience possible.  A smile, courtesy and good manners go a long way to make every trip a pleasant journey. The Red Arrow team would like to share some friendly tips to keep in mind on your next trip with us:


1.  Personal Cell Phone Usage & Talking– Please Keep Your Voice Down
Please keep your ringer and text messaging sounds off and remember that if you do need to take that important phone call, please keep your voice at a reasonable level.
2.  iPods, Laptops and Games – Please Wear Earphones
You may not realize it but other people may be able to hear your music and games through your earphones. Please keep the volume down for the sake of the other passengers and your own ear drums.
3.  Food and Beverages – Be  Neat and Be Careful
We’re happy to provide snacks and beverages on board our Red Arrow motorcoaches. If you are enjoying our snack service or bringing your own food on board, we ask that you please be careful not to spill your drinks and please dispose of any garbage or waste in the recycling/refuse containers located in the galley area.
4.  Backpacks, Shopping Bags, Laptop Bags and More – Be Aware and Be Safe
If you are bringing a bag on board the coach, please store it securely in the overhead compartment above your seat or store your bag at your feet.  Better yet, why not let our friendly driver store it in the luggage compartment under the coach until after you arrive at your destination.  It is important to keep the center aisle of the coach clear at all times for your safety.
5.  Personal Hygiene, Perfumes and Colognes – Be Mindful
When you travel with us, please refrain from wearing too much perfume or cologne as other passengers may be sensitive and even allergic to certain scents.  Deodorant and good personal hygiene are always a good idea.
6.  Sorry, No Smoking or Drinking
We encourage you to enjoy our complimentary beverages located at the back of the motorcoach, but remember, consuming alcoholic beverages, use of drugs, cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is prohibited.
7.  Make Room for Your Neighbour – Be Considerate
When you share a seat with a family member or friend, sitting close together can be fun. When you share a seat with a stranger, it’s a little different. Please keep your coat and other belongings to yourself to avoid crowding your neighbor.


Traveling is a great way to make new friends, so let’s do our best to help each other feel comfortable along the way.