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Stay Connected...through Red Arrow WIFI

Red Arrow brings you the best in comfort, safety and luxury- and technology. We are happy to provide our customers power outlets and complimentary WIFI service on board all of our coaches. Now you can connect to the Internet, check your email, complete that important report, finish your homework, get social and more, all while traveling to your destination in comfort.


How to Connect to Red Arrow WIFI

1. Ensure your WiFi access is activated on your laptop, iPad or mobile device.

2. Ensure your adapter is connected to “Red Arrow Wireless”.

3. Open your web browser.

4. When you see the Terms of Use – choose ACCEPT.

5. You should now be connected to the Red Arrow WiFi service.

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Important Tips

1. The speed of the wireless network can depend on a number of variables, including the number of passengers using the network.

2. Wireless service does not activate until the coach has left the ticket office

3. Due to a change in signals in the Red Deer area, those traveling between Edmonton and Calgary may experience a temporary interruption in service in the Red Deer area. Please be patient and try to reconnect. Unfortunately, this interruption is out of our hands.

4. If you have problems with the WIFI service, please notify your driver as he is the only one who can try to help you while en route. To report a problem or issue for future, please email wireless@redarrow.ca.

5. Streaming movies and videos slow down WiFi access for you and the other passengers, so we ask that you refrain from visiting sites such as Netflix and YouTube.

6. To help ensure best access and performance for all Red Arrow WiFi users, we reserve the right to limit access to certain websites and limit bandwidth use when necessary.

7. Content Filtering: The content filtering service used on the WiFi hotspots is meant to block inappropriate sites from being accessed; however, it may from time to time prevent access to legitimate websites. This is not intentional; we will take necessary steps to correct any legitimately blocked sites if they are reported. Please email wireless@redarrow.ca if you have any concerns.


Please Note:  Red Arrow WiFi is a complimentary service. The speed and stability of the connection may be affected by our service provider and/or how our passengers use the service.  Please do not stream audio or video, or use any applications that use excessive bandwidth that might affect the user experience for other passengers.



Still Can’t Connect?

If you cannot connect to the WiFi, please inform your driver at the next stop so he might attempt to restart the router.

We appreciate your feedback!  If you have feedback to send us regarding the Red Arrow complimentary WIFI service please email wireless@redarrow.ca