Rewards program

Join the club, earn points every time you ride

If it’s your first time travelling, create an account

Log in with your username and password to book your trip

When you are ready to book, choose your traveller profile, and you will be credited the points with each trip

Becoming a Reward Member is Easy!

Every Red Arrow passenger with a traveller profile is eligible to earn free trips every time you ride with us! All you have to do is create a profile and and login when making a booking.

Use your points for a special occasion, an important journey, or for the last minute and much-needed getaway to visit family and friends.

Earning points is fun, easy, and it doesn’t take long to earn enough points for a free trip!

Earning Rewards

$1 = 2 Rider Rewards. For every dollar you spend, you receive 2 reward points.

Redeeming Rewards

20 Reward Points = $1. For example, if you have 1000 points collected, you have $50 saved towards a free trip!

Terms: Rewards can only be redeemed for the full cost of a trip, partial payment with Reward Points is not permitted.

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