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Red Arrow: A Fixture of Alberta’s History.

A little bit about us and our history. We are a family-owned and Alberta-based business and we’re proud to be more than a transportation company; we are part of each community we serve. Our luxury coaches have been travelling the Alberta roads since 1979. We are proud to have become the safe, friendly, and trustworthy company that People have come to rely on. Red Arrow, gets them safely to their destinations and Safely Home every day.

Our founder, R.B. Colborne, had the vision to elevate the perception of bus travel in Alberta. Thus was inspired to launch the luxury inter-city passenger coach service called Red Arrow on July 9, 1979. The business class coaches on the original Calgary-Edmonton-Fort McMurray Route were always ahead of their time. Pioneering the industry with single-row privacy seating, complimentary snacks and refreshments. Red Arrow had the first commercial coaches to have seatbelts and pay-per-use cellular phones. At one time, an accessible business centre, complete with a fax machine and printer, was in all accessible units.

A look back

Our first coaches hit the road, with included single-row privacy seating. This became a game-changer in the bus industry! Inspired by the idea of the business traveller having space and comfort to relax, or focus on their work. From then on, passengers could spread out in a single-seat, enjoying their own personal space.

Always staying on the cutting edge of innovation and with a focus on a luxury passenger experience, we continue to improve and adapt with the times. At one time installing a pay-per-use cellular phone and business centre, complete with a fax machine and printer. This was revolutionary for bus transportation and offered a high-end experience for travellers. Now, people travelling between cities could get even more work done on the road and make the best use of their commute.

Just like an airplane, complimentary snacks and refreshments on the coaches were another perk that made us stand out from the competition. These include coffee, tea, soda, and cookies. Each is still available on our coaches today – just in case you are feeling a little peckish on your trip!

We’re the first company to offer commercial coaches with seat belts, reinforcing our commitment to ensure that passengers arrive Safely Home. Safely Home is our brand that represents our deepest commitment to safety and is the ultimate promise we make to each other, to the communities where we operate, the public and to our customers we value deeply.


Red Arrow is still owned by the Colborne family and is one of the flagship brands under the Pacific Western Group of Companies. Today, our coaches still stand head and shoulders above the rest more like a business class flight experience than your typical bus trip. Check out our extensive list of amenities that make Red Arrow the best way to travel, hands down.


Founded in 1979

100% Canadian owned

Alberta’s Premier Motorcoach Travel Company

Our Core Values


Customer Service



Positive Attitude

Team Work





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