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Red Arrow and MADD Canada Awareness Campaign

Alberta based Red Arrow Motorcoach have formed a partnership with MADD Canada to help raise awareness of the importance of safety and the dangers of impaired driving, beginning Friday, June 28th  2013 and running through the month of July 2013 and beyond.

John Stepovy, General Manager of Red Arrow states, “For us, safety has always been a priority. It’s a commitment we make to ourselves, between our staff, our passengers and the communities we live in.  Considering the time of year and the increase of traffic on the roads, we felt this was a great time to share our new Safely Home brand with the public and partner with a great organization like MADD Canada to raise awareness.”

Click here to view the video interview of Red Arrow General Manager,John Stepovy and Leila Moulder,  President of the MADD Edmonton and Area Chapter, on GlobalTV

Both Red Arrow and MADD Canada also want the public to be mindful about driving while under the influence of drugs or even when fatigued.    “We’re always extremely aware of the issue of driver fatigue in our business,” says Stepovy. “The overall health and wellness of our drivers is paramount to keeping our passengers safe on the road.”

During the month of July, Red Arrow offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge and Fort McMurray will have informational brochures, posters and red ribbons available for passengers to see and discuss, and staff will be wearing  campaign t-shirts.  

Passengers and visitors may leave a donation for MADD Canada in one of the designated donation boxes available at each ticket office in each city during and after the month of July.

Red Arrow and MADD Canada encourage everyone to help raise awareness about the dangers of impaired driving and to talk about it with friends, co-workers and family.  Sharing the information you learn could save lives. For more information, please visit the MADD Canada website at