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Red Arrow passengers share their experiences travelling on our luxury motorcoaches!


"I am so impressed that you are sending such an environmentally focused message to your customers. I think you should incorporate more of this in all of your communications and onboard video. Sadly, many people don’t make the connection between taking the bus and reducing emissions. Big kudos to you."

RA-user Pat Letizia - President and CEO, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation



"Just wanted to thank you for a great service. It is always hassle free dealings with the people at Red Arrow. Today I called to cancel my return trip and Kyle was helpful, pleasant and efficient – and this is not a surprise. It seems that every time is a good experience, whether it is on the phone, or at the centers or with the drivers. I’ve been a customer for a long time and the service has been consistently great. Congratulations!"

RA-user Angela Küpper - Edmonton



"I would like you to know that your Downtown Edmonton team is phenomenal! They are respectful, professional and overall fantastic at what they do. My utmost Kudos to Carolyn, Erin and Marco! You have a winning team with these three and I love the smiles when I check in.

I have yet to experience a bad bus driver. I find them all professional, courteous and very good at driving. I love that they know the various short cuts so we are on time 99% of the time. I think with all the travel I did this year, there’s only two times where we reached our destination late and it was no fault of the driver.

Although I like all the drivers, the two that stand out for me are Glenn and Marvin. These two are gems and I love their sense of humour and that they get to know their passengers."

RA-user Sheila Cousineau - Edmonton



RA-user Brenda Black - Vice President Corporate Sales, ATCO



"What a great experience it was to travel with the Red Arrow Motorcoach service between Lethbridge and YYC! I want to compliment you on the high quality of service from your station personnel, to the standard of your stations and equipment, to your coach operator - which is the primary purpose of this message. I need to let you know that angels walk among us. The angel in this case is your Tony Pietromona. I am grateful beyond just words for the assistance provided to me by this gentleman.

I was already in the security line at the airport, about to have luggage and myself scanned when my phone rang in the basket about to enter the X-ray machine. I retrieved it just in time and found Tony at the other end. He had found my set of keys at my seat on the bus. I didn't even know they had fallen out of my jacket pocket. They included both my car and house keys. Of course, these were essential to getting my car out of the parking lot at Abbotsford Airport to drive home to Mission, and then to get into my house.

Because I had not yet cleared security, I was able to turn back and this gracious man, this angel, drove back to YYC from your bus compound and met me to return my keys. An absolute life saver. Let me tell you now that Tony is a great asset to your company and to the customers with whom he interacts. Although I thanked him profusely at the airport, his kindness and consideration remains with me, so please would you take the time to extend this thanks also from your company. To me, this effort goes beyond just good customer service; it goes to the heart human ethical experience, and Tony is exemplary in this skill.

Wonderful experience all round. Keep up the good work out there. I look forward to using your service again when the opportunity presents itself. Thank you!"


RA-user Gary - Mission, BC




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